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The statement of costs and fees of a lawyer can consist of three elements (excl. VAT) :

  • the costs of the lawyer
  • the costs to third parties
  • the fee.

ANTEIUS calculates the lawyer’s costs as follows

Opening of the dossier: € 50,00
Office costs:
  Correspondence (fixed rate per letter) € 12,00
  Legal work: recommendations, conclusions, intimations… (fixed rate per page) € 12,00
  Photocopies (per copy) € 0,25
Travelling expenses (per kilometre) € 0,40


The costs to third parties

Costs to third parties are f.e. : intimation costs, other bailiff costs, court’s office costs, costs for translations, etc.
In principle the bills for these costs are forwarded to the customer for him/her to take care of payment directly.
In other cases ANTEIUS invoices these to the customer’s account.

The fee is the compensation for the services provided by the lawyer.

Principle : Hourly rate

In principle ANTEUIS applies hourly rates. ANTEIUS will keep a timesheet and register all payable units of time. These units of time are subsequently multiplied with the applicable hourly rate, in order to achieve a correct estimate of the fees.

The standard hourly rate is : € 125,00 This basic hourly rate may be multiplied with all kinds of coefficients (result, importance of the case, level of difficulty, urgency).

For specialised and international recommendations and dossiers up to a maximum of : € 250,00.

Possible alternative: Value Rate

At the value rate the fees are calculated according to the value of the case, according to the following percentages.

For the calculation of the value of the case principal sum and interests must be taken into account.

From 0 up to 6.200,00 EUR : 15%
From 6.200,00 EUR up to 49.500,00 EUR: 10%
From 49.500,00 EUR up to 124.000,00 EUR: 8%
From 124.000,00 EUR up to 248.000,00 EUR: 6%
Over 248.000,00 EUR: 4%

This calculation can be applied by the lawyer of both defendant as well as of the plaintiff on the amount the customer respectively won or saved. Obviuosly, also in this case, corrections or coefficients may be applicable.

In case of appeal the obtained result will be raised with 50%. In case however another lawyer is initially charged with the treatment of the case in appeal, he/she will calculate his/her fee through application of the basic scale.

Model Contract of the Order of the Flemish Bars

On the customer’s request ANTEIUS will apply the model contract of the Order of the Flemish Bars.
A copy of this model contract can be downloaded here.

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