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Identification Details

(Cooperative Limited Liability Company ANTEIUS Advocaten)
Van Eycklei 10A
2018 Antwerp
Companies Registration No. 0446.414.685


Professional Registration of Lawyers

All lawyers employed by Anteius Advocaten are permitted to perform the profession of lawyer (practise law) in Belgium. They are members of the Antwerp Bar, under the title of “lawyer”.

All of our lawyers are registered at the Antwerp Bar, and are governed by the regulations of the Flemish Bar Council (www.advocaat.be) and of the Antwerp Bar (www.balieantwerpen.be).


Provision of Information in Accordance with the Services Act

You entrust your dossier to one of the lawyers of the firm Anteius Advocaten.

The firm Anteius Advocaten is located at Van Eycklei 10A, 2018 Antwerp, and comprises the following lawyers.

Maître Christiaan BOSSERS
(Cooperative Limited Liability Company ANTEIUS Advocaten)
Companies Registration No. and Vat No.: 0446.414.685
Email: bossers@anteius.be

Maître Ronald WIJNEN
(Cooperative Limited Liability Company ANTEIUS Advocaten)
Companies Registration No. and Vat No.: 0446.414.685
Email: wijnen@anteius.be

Maître Paata SHONIA
Companies Registration No. and Vat No.: 0823.203.762
Email: shonia@anteius.be

Maître Jella TROCH
Companies Registration No. and Vat No.: 0664.996.366
Email: troch@anteius.be

Maître Vincent LEIRS
Companies Registration No. and Vat No.: 0682.839.121
Email: leirs@anteius.be

Maître Christiaan BOSSERS and Maître Ronald WIJNEN practise law as partners of the CVBA ANTEIUS Advocaten, an association in the sense of the Regulations of the Flemish Bar Council of 8 November 2006 regarding partnerships between lawyers, and regarding one-man legal firms.

Maître Paata SHONIA, Maître Jella TROCH and Maître Vincent LEIRS operate their firm on their own behalf, but they also regularly collaborate with the CVBA ANTEIUS Advocaten in order to achieve the best possible solution.

The professional liability of each lawyer is insured by AMLIN EUROPE NV (Public Limited Liability Company AMLIN EUROPE) via VANBREDA RISK & BENEFITS, Koning Albert II laan 9, 1210 BRUSSELS,

(Public Limited Liability Company VANBREDA RISK & BENEFITS)
Plantin en Moretuslei 297
2014 Antwerp
Tel. 0032 3 217 55 72 – Fax 0032 3 236 16 80 – Mob. 0032 479 98 17 25

The liability of the lawyer is limited to the amount of the professional insurance policies subscribed to by him, and shall fall within the limits of the cover.


Duty to Provide Identification

Since February 2004, the Belgian law for the prevention of use of the financial system for money-laundering and financing terrorism includes a duty to identify clients, and a duty to report unusual transactions.

In this context, lawyers are, amongst others, legally obliged to identify their clients and to retain proof of identification.


For Information or Complaints

If you wish to obtain further information, or if you have a complaint, you can contact Maître Christiaan BOSSERS or Maître Ronald WIJNEN:

by post, at the address: Van Eycklei 10A, 2018 Antwerp
by fax, on No. 03/231.64.83
by email, at the address: bossers@anteius.be and/or wijnen@anteius.be
or by telephone, on telephone No. 03/203.03.33



Any disputes are governed by Belgian law. The parties shall, by preference, settle their disputes amicably (out of court). Prior to any proceedings, they shall, by preference, have the case summoned before the court, or before a competent instance of the Bar Council, for amicable settlement.

Except in the event of deviation agreed with the client, the courts of Antwerp, Antwerp Department, have sole jurisdiction.


Maak een afspraak

U kunt een afspraak met ons maken door te bellen naar +32 3 203 04 33.

CVBA Anteius Advocaten